Below is what clients have to say about Four Season Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design:

"Paula helped us design our outdoor dream kitchen for our Montana home renovation.  She helped guide up to choosing Naturekast Cabinetry for its beautiful appearance as well as its maintenance free practicality.  Paula's in-depth knowledge of the product line, coupled with her creative design talent and attention to detail yield a result we are very proud of.  The installation went precisely as designed with no complications which is noteworthy because the installers who worked remotely, had not worked with this product before and had to rely on detailed drawings and instructions of which they were complimentary of."

-Michael Balduzzi

Hamilton, Montana


"Our previous home had a larger kitchen prior to moving into our newly constructed log home.  Never having built a home from the ground up in the past, I required a lot of assistance in getting the design just right in order to utilize the smaller space, along with the aesthetics.  Paula was knowledgeable, professional and patient.  Throughout the last 8 years, I have had many compliments on it.  I love my kitchen!  Thanks, Paula."

-Terri V, Alberta

Full Kitchen View

"My name is Diane and my house was in the flood of 2011.  During this very difficulty time, with so much going on, and so many decisions to make, we found Paula through a co-worker.  I found out through visiting with Paula, that she was from Minot and had lived not far from my husband when they were growing up.  She was someone who helped us every step of the way with many decisions that we needed to make, and with some decisions we did not want to make.  She even went with us when we picked out our flooring – She listened as we tried to explain what we thought we wanted and what would actually work in our new kitchen.  Her personal service is excellent, and our kitchen is awesome!  I would recommend her to anyone.  We can not thank her enough for all her time, work and energy she spent helping us."

--Diane & Alan F, North Dakota

"Paula is an absolute gem in designing your kitchen!  With my kitchen, we were starting with a clean slate and bare walls. The previous kitchen set up and design came with the house.  They did not seem to utilize the true space that the kitchen had.  Paula showed me not only the potential but the dream kitchen within my budget.  I was quite overwhelmed with the immense potential that the kitchen had and it was difficult for me to make decisions but Paula honed in my ideas compiling them into a few choices which then those decisions became very easy for me to make.  My kitchen is the culmination of all my culinary dreams!"

-- Rhonda, North Dakota

Remodel - Alberta, Canada

"My beautiful kitchen was designed by Paula Charlebois Sinnott.  She was amazing to work with and had a tone of great ideas, it is my dream kitchen and everyone who sees it loves it! From the cabinets to the granite island countertop it is beautiful.  Thanks to Paula for all the hard work and dedication."

--Kelly, Alberta

"Thank you Paula and Jim for coming back to Minot to help so many of us get back into our newly designed homes.  Paula, you were able to come up with such a concept of design with our kitchen leaving us open space and cupboards with the unique time friendly features such as built in silverware drawer with cutting board, drawers that close themselves and that large pantry with pull out drawers!  Not to forget – you matched the color and handles to what we had before the flood. Jim knew what the steps were we needed to take in picking things out for our house and when to put them in.  Our house is beautiful and we were always in Good Hands with Paula and Jim"

--Lisa & Jim O, North Dakota

"My house flooded in 2011 and in 2013 we decided to rebuild and my friend Paula helped me design my kitchen.  I was so unsure on how I wanted my kitchen and she worked endlessly with me, showing me different designs and colors.  I could not have done it without her.  Great ideas and extra little designs she added to make it look expensive.  She knows her stuff.  Thanks again Paula! God Bless!"


--Jan, North Dakota

"Dear Paula, Thank you for being a part of the reconstruction of my home… And having a “listening ear” for my hopes and dreams… your ability to visualize “what will be” Blesses me immensely!"